Podcast: State of the Union

The state of the union is…well, you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out.  Listen by clicking play above, or click here to download the file and listen later.  As always, follow me on Twitter @jeffscottshow and find me on Facebook at Jeff Scott Show.

No, I didn’t watch Dear Leader’s State of the Union Address; I can’t stomach to look at or listen to him speak for that long anymore.  There was nothing new there anyway, just the same old left-wing canards about income inequality, raising the minimum wage, closing the wage gap (but not in his own White House), amnesty, glossing over the failures of ObamaCare, clean energy, and declaring the debate on global warming to be over.  He also declared his own dictatorial power, to vigorous applause by Democrat members of Congress.  Senator Ted Cruz describes Barack Obama’s as an “Imperial Presidency.”

There were at least three different “responses” to the SOTU (none of which I watched either), but Sen. Mike Lee’s was incredible.

The Democrats are going to push for more socialism to address “income inequality,” but most Americans believe that less government, not more, would be best for closing the income gap.  One of the causes of inequality is that rich people marry rich people, and poor people don’t marry.

Is the demonization of the rich going to lead to a new “Progressive Kristallnacht?” The writer who first posed that question has been attacked and described as an anti-Semite, but he says he doesn’t regret the message, and nor should he.

The professional GOP pundit class is full of idiots.  Alex Castellanos is one of the worst.

Obama has been President for 5 years now, but we’re just now finding out through the British press that his former drug dealer was murdered by his gay prostitute lover in 1986.  I don’t think there’s a point to that other than the lack of investigation into Obama’s past.  More important is the picture of his brother wearing a Hamas scarf.

How out of touch is Washington, DC?  Obama’s approval rating there last year was over 80%.

The scariest scenarios of economic collapse are starting to show themselves, with possible runs on HSBC and a Russian bank being speculated after they have restricted cash withdrawals.

The feds are trying to prevent citizens from spying on their spying on citizens.  There has been a new compromise that will allow internet companies to disclose how often they are ordered to turn over their customers’ information.  Apps like “Angry Birds” are sending your data to the NSA and British intelligence.

The Republicans are preparing a push for amnesty.  This is on the top of the Democrats’ priority list for a reason.  They’re also going to surrender on the debt ceiling and just sold out on the farm bill by keeping food stamp spending and farm subsidies.  What’s the point of having an opposition party?

Despite the Republicans’ farm bill sellout, the left is flipping out over the cut in food stamp spending, even though it’s really not a cut.

Retiring Sen. Tom Coburn has lost his cancer specialist due to ObamaCare, but left-wing hack Paul Krugman says that it’s just a “garbage” story.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has been collecting data on 991 million American credit card accounts.

Mike Suckabee will call me a Nazi for saying this, but when two former GOP Senators endorse Democrats, I think it’s fair to call them RINOs.

The Obama administration wants it to be a secret how much money retailers receive from food stamps, but a federal appeals court says that they must divulge who is getting your money.

Here are 8 reasons why, due to the complex tax code, it is better to be a corporation than a person.  Can I create Jeff Scott, LLC now?

A North Dakota cow thief has the distinction as the first person to be arrested and jailed with the help of a drone.  This is NOT what drones are supposed to be used for.

Pope Francis released doves at the Vatican, which were quickly attacked by other birds.  I think there’s an international diplomacy lesson in there somewhere…

This is the round that you want in your gun if somebody breaks into your home.

The Turkish Prime Minister gave a speech as a hologram.  If given the chance to do that, I would begin with “Help us Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are our only hope.”

The United States has spent $200 million on trying to teach Afghan soldiers how to read, and it hasn’t worked.  Afghanistan is just a rat hole for our tax dollars.

Is the new communist mayor of New York City incompetent or just a jerk?

NBC News’ Andrea Mitchell is dumber than a bag of hammers.

A city shut down an 11-year-old girl’s cupcake business.

Watch Weather Channel reporter Jim Cantore kick a guy in the sack for invading his live shot.

Apparently it’s acceptable to talk about facial and body hair in the news today.  The “Brazilian” style is apparently going out of fashion and Proctor & Gamble is losing razor sales while men are growing more beards, but they’re hoping that “manscaping” will make up for those losses.

A woman wants to take back the kidney that she donated to her cheating husband.

A British judge reprimanded jurors for laughing during a bestiality trial.  You read the details and try not laughing.

Cow farts started a fire at a German dairy farm.  Ventilation, guys.

A futuristic bra being designed by the Japanese will only open for “true love.”  This is not good for a society that doesn’t have sex anymore.

A truck carrying 76,000 pounds of beef ribs caught fire in California, creating the world’s most tragic barbecue.

If you’re getting pulled over for a traffic ticket, it’s probably not a great idea to add on a fake 911 call.  Remember the first rule of holes…

I love when criminals become the targets.

San Francisco is planning to give away free crack pipes.

A New Jersey man in jail for marijuana is allowed to leave for 10 days a month to smoke marijuana.

A man in Philadelphia crashed his car into a fried chicken restaurant, stripped naked, and started “doing it himself” in the middle of the intersection.  Yes, alcohol was involved.

This Week’s Sign of the Decline of Western Civilization:  Mike Suckabee leads among 2016 GOP Presidential hopefuls.  Yes, the guy who encouraged Todd Akin to stay in the race, talks openly about controlling women’s libidos, and last week compared those who use the term RINO to Nazis.  That Mike Suckabee.  I’ll vote for Hillary first.

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