Podcast: Independence Day

Happy Independence Day everybody!  I’m celebrating with a new podcast, which you can listen to by clicking above.  If you want to listen later, click here to download the mp3 file.  As always, follow me on Twitter at @jeffscottshow and find me on Facebook at Jeff Scott Show.

Seventy-one percent of Americans think that the Founders would be disappointed in America today.  Damned right they would be.

The Obama Administration is going to delay the employer mandate under ObamaCare until 2015.  The individual mandate still stands, which could be a concern if the GOP tries to start repealing parts of the law while leaving the rest intact.  The left is, of course, blaming Republicans, Fox News, and the Drudge Report for the delay.  Meanwhile, UnitedHealthcare is leaving the insurance market in California and Massachusetts is trying to seek a waiver from some elements of ObamaCare.

Edward Snowden has issued a statement, and unfortunately he compared himself to the traitor Bradley Manning.  Meanwhile, the Obama Administration risked an international incident by forcing the rerouting of a plane carrying the Bolivian President on a suspicion that Snowden may have been on board.  Russian spy (and total babe) Anna Chapman is offering to marry Snowden.

How crazy are Democrats?  So crazy that they think the Tea Party is a bigger terrorist threat than al Qaida.  Of course, when someone depends on the government for their livelihood, they’re likely to fear the Tea Party because it threatens the paycheck that they voted so hard for.

Is it the Tea Party that is causing police to increase their presence at parades, fireworks shows, and picnics across the country?  Of course not.

The City of Oakland, California gave Occupy protesters $1.17 million for allegations of excessive police force.

FBI Investigators have not even contacted the groups involved in the lawsuit against the IRS for unfairly targeting them.

That “metadata” that the NSA has been collecting from cell phone carriers can tell more than the content of phone calls.  In fact, have a look at the life of a German politician, told from just metadata.  The Postal Service is also taking pictures of all of your mail.

Apparently the NSA has also been bugging and hacking the European Union, after the Pentagon described hacking as an “act of war.”

The Director of National Intelligence may have perjured himself in telling a Senate committee that the NSA wasn’t snooping on our communications.

Karl Rove is telling us again that the Republican Party has to reach out and get more Latino voters, primarily by giving them amnesty.  Meanwhile, even Marco Rubio is behind Hillary Clinton 66-28 among Latinos.  Despite his support of amnesty now, Rubio in 2009 said that amnesty undermines the whole immigration system and was critical of the 1986 amnesty.

After the military coup in Egypt threw out the Muslim Brotherhood government there, Obama is finally considering suspending aid to the government there.  It sounds like the administration isn’t happy about the coup, even though the conditions laid out by the military sound like positive steps.  Buck Sexton at The Blaze lays out the good, the bad, and the ugly coming out of Egypt.

From the peaceful religion of Islam, there were at least 91 sexual assaults against women in Tahrir Square over 4 days prior to the coup, including a Dutch journalist who was gang raped.  In Syria, a Catholic priest was beheaded by the rebels there as men and children took pictures and cheered.

Due to the sequestration, the military is closing and cutting hours at swimming pools on bases and cancelling fireworks shows even though private companies offered to do the fireworks for free.  Meanwhile, Obama spent $6.5 million on Air Force One for his Africa trip.  Even the Washington Post is saying that the sequestration was nowhere near as bad as it was alleged to be.

The abortion fight in Texas is an unnecessary sideshow, but anytime you’re screaming “Hail Satan” in response to the singing of “Amazing Grace,” you’re losing.  Also, idiots.

Chris Christie is running for President in 2016.  First the bariatric surgery, now he’s vetoed an expansion of Medicare under ObamaCare.

Sarah Palin is threatening to go third-party.  How about trying to actually fix the Republican Party?

The GOP’s strategy against Hillary seems to be “she’s old.”  We don’t call them the Stupid Party for nothing.

Obama told Africans that they have to stay in the Third World because “the planet will boil over” if they are able to have the luxuries of the First World like air conditioning, cars, and big houses.  Meanwhile, he’s trying to prevent Americans from being able to afford those conveniences of modern life through his delaying on the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Also in Africa, Obama told people to be wary of foreign influence and lamented the “rot of corruption” in African governments.  What about the rot of corruption in our own?

A man was fired from 7-11 for fighting back against a robber.

At a gay-pride parade in New York City, attendees chanted “Weiner, Weiner, Weiner.”  Anthony the former Congressional Member Weiner was there as part of his campaign for Mayor.  Meanwhile, he may have some competition from a JFK airport security supervisor who sent nude pictures of himself to his subordinates and supervisors.

Here’s why Republicans need libertarians:  The fight over gay marriage is now a religious liberty fight, which it should have been from the beginning.  The left won’t defend religious liberty, because the state is their religion.  Of course, the navel-gazing media is just ignoring the fact that there is a threat to religious liberty, because they just don’t care.

The Washington Post says that race is the subtext, not the focus, in the George Zimmerman trial.  That, of course, is pure and simple BS, because if not for the racial issue it would just be another trial in Florida, without national media attention.  During a trial in which the words “creepy ass cracker” were part of the testimony and there are threats of riots after a verdict, a new poll shows that more people think that blacks are racist than think that whites or Hispanics are racist.

The TSA is experimenting with using dogs for security at Denver, and it sounds much easier than the current TSA rape and grope fest.

A Texas teen has been jailed for months after making a violent joke while playing a video game.

A college student in California was told that she had to remove her cross necklace because it might offend somebody.

A college student in Virginia was arrested and thrown in jail after buying bottled water.

Canadian residents are furious after their guns were seized by the Mounties during a flood.  Wait, I thought Canadians didn’t have guns?

Michelle Obama called the White House a “prison.”  Of course, if she were actually in prison we could visit her there.

A man in Oklahoma caught a burglar trying to break into his house, so he hog-tied the burglar and left him on the front yard for the police while he went to work.

This week’s Sign of the Downfall of Western Civilization is from Britain, where BBC’s Channel 4 will air the Muslim call to prayer during Ramadan.

This week’s Schadenfreude of the Week is also from Britain, where a rare bird was spotted for the first time since 1991, and then it died when it ran into a wind turbine.  I’m not laughing at the bird, I’m laughing at the environmentalists.

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